About Us

    We are ANKA!

    This is what we said as a team when we first started preparing the news. Then, more than a million people heard this slogan every day while watching our news. Now we continue to flap our wings with hundreds of thousands of ANKA followers, dozens of regional experts, copywriters, commentators, academics, soldiers and countless volunteers!

    There were those who were driven away from their homes, homeland and dreams. But we are still in Ukraine, with all our hearts. We bring the developments in Ukraine to our followers in the fastest way possible in the light of the information we receive from the army and local people. In addition, the news and videos we share every day contain detailed informative topics about what has been happening since the first day of the war. Behind the screen are thousands of hearts beating for freedom. Can you hear them?

    When we create our news and analysis content, we fulfil the requirements of accurate journalism. While we tell the whole world about the pain and joy of people, we have not been deceived by the dim light of any interest in the darkness of lies.

    ANKA continues to fly freely over truth!

    Anka Daily News
    Beykoz / Istanbul